What We Do

Institutional Investment Consulting

AmRET provides strategic advice on asset allocation, risk management, investment policy development, asset class structuring, investment manager evaluation and more within our institutional consulting services.

Institutional Investment Consulting

Monitoring & Supporting Governance

We help our clients monitor vendor adherence to their agreements and related fee schedules.

Monitoring & Supporting Governance

Fiduciary Compliance

Our team of professionals supports clients to ensure they are performing all of their required fiduciary duties.

Fiduciary Compliance

Plan Administration & Vendor Management

AmRET helps clients develop and issue RFPs for vendor services and ongoing coordination with the various providers.

Plan Administration & Vendor Management

Trustee Education & Training

We provide clients with opportunities to increase their understanding of investment fundamentals and develop the necessary skills to be effective trustees and board members.

Trustee Education & Training

Financial Planning

Life is full of milestones, opportunities, and choices. Having a financial plan in place prepares you to make wise decisions.  We begin our comprehensive process by learning about your dreams and aspirations.  Our objective is to provide you with prudent recommendations to ensure your long-term financial security.

Financial Planning

Family Office Consulting

A successful Family Office investment program calls for an institutional approach with a focus on costs and tax efficiency. AmRET brings a fiduciary focus to these services and works closely with families to meet their present needs and legacy objectives.

Family Office Consulting

Our Process


Year Planning Horizon

Our 10 year planning horizon for our capital market assumptions is updated at the beginning of each year.


Step Process

  1. Evaluate current environment and economic outlook.
  2. Examine relationships between economy and historical asset-class performance.
  3. Create 10-year risk, return & correlation projections.
  4. Test projections for reasonable results.

Asset Class Expectations

We provide a comprehensive capital market assumptions set with 22 broad asset classes plus inflation.

Process incorporates both advanced quantitative modeling as well as qualitative feedback and expertise of consulting professionals.

Economic Environment

Evaluate range of possible economic scenarios and likelihood of their occurrence

Asset Class Behavior

Different performance characteristics in different cycles

Market Insights

Evaluate our insight versus consensus expectations

Past Market Behavior

Examine relevant time periods

Capital Market Projections

  • Asset Class: Return, Risk, Correlation
  • Optimization Output = Reasonable Results

Why Choose

Our Mission:

Improve client financial outcomes by providing sound fiduciary guidance.

Our Vision:


Our commitment to clients is unequivocal. We work hard to earn your trust and even harder to prove that we deserve it.


Our decades industry experience provides us with a wealth of knowledge that uniquely benefits our clients during ever-changing market conditions.


Our integrity and experience results in our clients success — the true measure of value in any relationship.

AmRET’s Commitment to You


Our heritage, culture and philosophy promote state-of-the-art solutions that are best-in-practice.


We will operate with the highest level of ethical conduct and transparency.


Our consulting tools and collaborative servicing approach allows us to provide a fully integrated and customized analysis and reporting platform.


We put your interests first while continually earning your trust.


The quality of our investment consulting will exceed industry standards and your expectations.


Services will be delivered promptly and accurately.


Fees will be fairly priced for the services provided.


Our consulting team will be highly responsive, professional and focused on meeting your unique needs and expectations.

Five Beliefs that Underpin our Investment Principles

1. Focus on the ultimate purpose of the assets.

2. Invest for the long-term.

3. Incorporate diversification.

4. Design client portfolios to meet their specific needs.

5. We will not be swayed.

Our clients rely on us to help them meet their financial and fiduciary obligations. We honor this with a philosophy based on a long-term focus, a reliance on proven investments, and avoiding investment fads.