Institutional Investment Consulting


Inventory Current Situation

  • Legal constraints
  • Financial considerations
  • Plan health
  • Defined Contribution Plan Options-number and type

Develop Optimal Solutions

  • Forward looking investment modeling
  • Cost effective options
  • Sound fiduciary framework
  • Industry best practices


  • Publish/revise Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Nationally recognized custodial search services
  • Asset Class manager selection backed by dedicated research teams


Proper performance reporting

  • Compliance with IPS
  • Contribution to results-asset allocation or manager selection?
  • Appropriate peer comparisons
  • Sophisticated, understandable, and useful analytics

Useful Meetings

  • Timely
  • Educational
  • Action oriented


  • Replace manager, fund, or custodian?
  • Repair structure deficiency?
  • Revise IPS?